Reviewing use of force

The Eugene Police Auditor's Office reviews each use of force report. Last year, the auditor's office, led by Mark Gissiner, reviewed 196 Use of Force reports in 2016, 230 in 2017 and 201 in 2018. The auditor's office also participated in three Deadly Force Investigation Review Boards, one in each of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

"We take police use of force very seriously, and we feel a great sense of responsibility to thoroughly review police use of force to ensure force is being used appropriately," deputy police auditor Leia Pitcher said. "We appreciate that Eugene’s oversight system allows us to access use of force reports, related police reports and any related video and audio recordings. Finally, we understand that police use of force can cause great stress in our community. A central purpose of civilian oversight is to bring transparency to these situations, and as such we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact our office."