In the Shadow of Wind Farms

How the wind industry angers landowners and divides communities in pursuit of billions of dollars in subsidies and other incentives.

Stuck in Time

Hurricane Maria hit fast, but Puerto Rico's long recovery has some imagining life on the mainland


Mark Rine became a firefighter because he wanted to save people. In the end, that job could also be what kills him.

The Day the Sky Goes Dark

10 things to know about the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse

Segregated Again, but Equal?

In 1993 the Rockford Public School District was found guilty of widespread, intentional discrimination against minority students. Its punishment was a litany of court orders and years of oversight. How is it 24 years and $252 million later?

When Lightning Strikes

James Church was able to see the condominium lights across the water, able to feel the drizzling rain, able to recall the massive flash from a moment earlier.

Toxic Tap Water

A Wilmington StarNews investigation looks at the Chemours' contamination of the Cape Fear River.

Waiting for Tragedy

Had Sabalsa-Mendez been committed, Avi Feldman might be alive today.


You’re growing up so fast, Columbus. As the city continues to evolve, The Dispatch is looking ahead to what heights it might reach in 20 years.

Every Week is 'Shark Week'

As the Discovery Channel's popular "Shark Week" commences, experts say the drama is overblown.

What We Drink in North Carolina

Explore the libations of North Carolina to what what's popular, what the laws are and why vodka is on top.

Poverty's Widening Grasp

Florida seems to lead the nation in generating headlines about dim-witted criminals, comical mishaps and electoral dysfunction. The state receives less attention for the more serious topic of poverty.

Pearl Harbor

Learn about the attack, the news after, Christmas in 1941 and more in our special section.

NASCAR Concussions

News-Journal reporters chronicle how head injuries and concussions have impacted both NASCAR drivers and those racing on area tracks.

Should Your Kid Play Football?

It is a question that might have been unthinkable to many just a few years ago.

Drilling's Dangerous Legacy

Abandoned wells can leak oil and explosive natural gas. Fracking can make the problem worse, but finding them first is a challenge.